Soil Sampling Services

Everything is built off a strong foundation and soil sampling is your 1st step! We provide soil sampling services, fall fertilizer, lime applications, and fall cover crop seeds. The fertilizer market is ever changing, so use our agronomy background, experience, and exceptional service to your advantage. Set the stage to maximize your yields beginning with soil sampling!

Benefits of Soil Sampling

  • Establish a base line fertility on each acre
  • Determine current and future fertilizer needs
  • Determine the necessary information needed to maintain optimum fertility year after year
  • Provide basis for variable rate fertilizer recommendations
  • Determine pH levels and nutrient availability
  • Utilize manure management plans more effectively


Sampling Options

2.5 Acre Grids with Recommendations

4.4 Acre Grids with Recommendations

10 Acre Grids with Recommendations

Other options available upon request!



1998 Soil pH

2002 Soil pH