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Armyworms ATTACK

Do you have PASTURES or Alfalfa Ground?

Fall Armyworm – note Y on face and four raised bumps in the shape of a square near the end of the abdomen. Photo by Russ Ottens,

Fall Armyworms and defoliation of a cover crop. Photo by Rebecca Vittetoe.

There have been some random territories of Armyworms causing some real havoc on some producer’s pasture and alfalfa. Make sure to get out and scout your fields or give our Agronomist’s a call!


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Photo Credits: Iowa State University Extension and Outreach, Russ Ottens, & Rebecca Vittetoe.


Alfalfa Leaf Hoppers?

Below is a picture of the initial signs of leaf hopper injury. You will notice a triangular yellow or purple discoloration at the tip of the leaves.

Beware that this is also a very common symptom of potassium deficiency or drought as well.

If you are seeing this kind of injury in your Alfalfa, to make sure it is caused by Leaf Hoppers, we need to find the presence of the leaf hopper by netting your field.

Notice the triangular yellowing at the tip of these leaves. This field was confirmed to be caused by leaf hoppers after netting them. CLICK HERE to view a more drastic discolorization.

If you need your field sprayed or have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to call!

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Alfalfa Insecticides?

Today we scouted a nearby Alfalfa field & here are some of the insects to be on the lookout for! Call Tony or Gary if you need your field scouted or sprayed.

Alfalfa Weevil


Cowpea Aphid



Pea Aphid

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