Everything is built off a strong foundation and soil sampling is your 1st step!  We provide soil sampling services, fall fertilizer and LIME applications, as well as fall cover crop seeds.  The fertilizer market is ever changing, so use our agronomy background, experience and exceptional service to your advantage. Set the stage to maximize your yields by placing the best genetics on your farm! Bollmeyer Inc. represents Pioneer Hi-Bred. Take advantage of early pay discounts for maximum savings!

 corn-field-by-hintonBenefits of Soil Sampling

• Establish a base line fertility on each acre
• Determine current and future fertilizer needs
• Determine the necessary information needed to maintain optimum fertility year after year
• Provide basis for variable rate fertilizer recommendations
• Determine PH levels and nutrient availability
• Utilize manure management plans more effectively

soybeans-in-handsSampling Options

2.5 Acre Grids with Recommendations
S1A or S1A+S5

4.4 Acre Grids with Recommendations
S1A or S1A+S5

10 Acre Grids with Recommendations
S1A or S1A+S5

Soil Analysis Package
S1A = P, K, pH, BpH, CEC, OM
S1A+S5 = P, K, pH, BpH, CEC, OM, S, Zn

Benefits of 2.5 Grids

• Allows more value from your fertilizer dollars
• Build up low fertility acres through VRT
• Maximize high fertility acres through VRT
• Apply Lime only to acres where it is needed as determined on a 2.5 acre basis
• Saves on cost of Lime (often enough to pay for soil testing)
• Applying Lime to high pH acres will not only cost more money, but will also cause higher Alkaline tests than you started with; which may cause additional yield losses.

Does Soil Sampling/VRT Application Work?

1998 Soil pH


2002 Soil pH